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SPECIAL ELECTION: GOA Endorses Don Nevills for State Representative

Don Nevills is the Gun Owners’ Choice Candidate for House District 35

I am delighted to endorse Don Nevills for State Representative in PA House District 35.

The incumbent, anti-gun Democrat Austin Davis, was elected as Pennsylvania’s next Lieutenant Governor, leaving an open seat. To fill the vacancy, a special election is set for Tuesday, February 7th.

Gun owners have a unique opportunity to elect a pro-gun candidate to replace Austin Davis.

Don Nevills is that candidate!

Don has a strong record of service to our country. He is a 14-year, decorated Navy veteran who understands what his Oath of Office means.

He is also a successful business owner who cares about his community and will be a stalwart defender of our constitutionally-protected rights.

Don scored a perfect, 100% on his 2022-23 GOA candidate survey. I also know Don personally and can vouch for the fact that he’ll be behind gun owners every step of the way in PA.

Here is what Don Nevills has to say in his own words about your God-given rights:

Article I, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

This Statement is as clear as it gets when it comes to OUR Right to Bear Arms. “SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED” leaves absolutely no room for interpretation and I intend to KEEP it that way. Between this, in the PA Constitution and the 2nd Amendment in the U.S Constitution, the instructions our forefathers left need NO further explanation. I will protect this and ALL RIGHTS of the Great Citizens of PA.

Now that’s a powerful statement!

For all of these reasons, Gun Owners of America is endorsing Don Nevills for State Representative in House District 35.

So, in the February 7th special election, vote for Don Nevills and be sure to support his campaign.

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