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GOA Endorses Chad Reichard for State Representative

Chad Reichard is the Gun Owners’ Choice Candidate for HD 90

I am delighted to endorse Chad Reichard for State Representative in PA House District 90.

Representative Paul Schemel is retiring, which left an open seat in the district. This gives gun owners a great opportunity to elect another solidly pro-gun candidate to replace him.

Chad Reichard is that candidate!

Chad is a Waynesboro native who is a lifelong advocate for your God-given rights. He has been a competition shooter since his youth, including participating in the prestigious Camp Perry, Ohio matches.

Chad is no stranger to  politics, either. He served as State Senator Alloway’s legislative director and later worked for Congressman John Joyne as district legislative director.

Important for gun owners, Chad will be a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Chad scored 100% on GOA’s candidate survey, which serves as a “contract” for our members. Furthermore, we institute a rigorous evaluation process including a careful review of a candidate’s positions and public statements. Chad excelled in all points in our candidate evaluation.

Here is  what Chad has to say in his own words about your constitutionally-protected rights:

In a word, the Second Amendment means freedom. Freedom to provide for your family through hunting, freedom to defend yourself and others from those who seek to do you harm, and the ability to secure the freedom that this country was founded upon from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It is only through our right to keep and bear arms that we are able to secure the other rights laid out in the Constitution.

For all of these reasons, GOA is endorsing Chad Reichard for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 90th district.

So, in the April 23rd Republican primary, vote for Chad Reichard and be sure to support his campaign.

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