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Governor Wolf Vetoes Constitutional Carry

Click the “Take Action” button to make a donation to Pennsylvania GOA’s Independent Expenditure Committee. The battle lines are drawn for 2022 and we must defeat Josh Shapiro

Battle Lines Drawn for 2022 Gubernatorial Race

Wolf Vetoes Constitutional Carry

Governor Wolf ignored thousands of your messages and vetoed constitutional Carry on December 2, 2021.

This was expected. Governor Wolf has repeatedly shown his hostility to your Article I, Section 21 rights since taking office. Last session, he vetoed two pro-gun bills that were sent to his desk (HB 1747 and HB 2440). These bills would have restricted the Governor’s power during a state of emergency, but Governor Wolf had no interest in doing that.

Fortunately, Governor Wolf is term-limited and cannot run for re-election in 2022. But there is an even more diabolically anti-gun person waiting to take his place, the current anti-gun Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Just look at what AG Shapiro said about the Constitutional Carry bill on his Twitter feed:

Not only has Josh Shapiro come out against Constitutional Carry publicly, but he’s consistently taken aggressive anti-gun positions as Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

In December of 2019, AG Shapiro wrote the blatantly unconstitutional home-built firearms ban opinion. The Shapiro opinion would have reclassified pieces of plastic and metal as firearms — all with the stroke of a pen and no legislative action

In March of 2021, AG Shapiro harassed the largest gun show promoter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, convincing him to ban the sale of P-80 kits. This was followed by Shapiro leading a coalition of 18 states calling on US Attorney General Garland to ban so-called “Ghost Guns.”

And that’s not even the worst of it. Shapiro’s social media stream is a continuous litany of anti-gun propaganda, including promoting Philly gun “buybacks,” Universal Background Check Registration schemes, and calls to limit firearms that he derisively refers to as “military-grade weapons.”

Josh Shapiro will almost certainly be the Democratic front-runner for Governor in 2022. And he’ll be well funded by Michael Bloomberg. In 2016, Shapiro received $250,000.00 from Bloomberg for the AG race. 

I fully expect Bloomberg’s front organizations to pump even more money into Pennsylvania to elect an anti-gun Governor in 2022.

Time to Reclaim the Governor’s Residence: PA-GOA Gubernatorial Survey Results

We must do everything in our power to defeat Josh Shapiro. But you can’t beat somebody with nobody, so I sent a statewide survey to our members and supporters to find out who you wanted as Pennsylvania’s next Governor.

Overwhelmingly, you picked Senator Doug Mastriano as your favorite gubernatorial candidate. Senator Mastriano received 55% of survey responses in a field of 17 candidates. The runner-up, Lou Barletta, trailed by 32 points with 23%. The remainder of the candidates only received single percentages.

Irrespective of who is GOA’s endorsed candidate, one thing remains clear: we are going to need a substantial war chest to defeat Josh Shapiro. The enemies of freedom are well-organized and well-funded like no other time in history.

That’s why I need you to contribute to Pennsylvania GOA’s Independent Expenditure Committee. This fund allows GOA to direct critical spending as we see fit, without any interference from political campaigns.

And we need to start now. The primary elections will be extremely important for gun owners to select the best candidate to defeat Josh Shapiro. We’ll be endorsing the strongest pro-gun candidate early in the game to ensure that our next Governor signs Constitutional Carry and other pro-gun bills.

So, please, donate to Pennsylvania GOA’s Independent Expenditure Committee by clicking the donate button below.

Paid for by Gun Owners of America, Inc. Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.