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GOA Endorses Kathy Barnette for US Senate

Kathy Barnette is the Gun Owners’ Choice Candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania

I am delighted to endorse Kathy Barnette for United States Senate in Pennsylvania.

Kathy is simply a remarkable human being. Kathy grew up on a pig farm in the deep South under adverse circumstances, but that didn’t stop her!  She went on to be the first in her family to graduate from college.

Kathy served her country for ten years in the Armed Forces Reserves and worked in corporate America in the comptroller’s office in J.C. Penny. She was also an adjunct professor of Corporate Finance and the author of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America.

For gun owners, Kathy is 100% on our side. She was the only candidate of the three top contenders in the US Senate race to answer GOA’s gun rights survey and she scored 100% on all the questions answered.

GOA endorsed Kathy for her 2020 Congressional race, and we are proud to do the same for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

Here is what Kathy has to say about your Second Amendment rights in her own words:

I don’t just say that I support the Second Amendment, I live it. I have held a license to carry firearms since 2015. I understand what the Second Amendment is truly about: We have a God-given right to protect ourselves and our families not only from criminals, but against government tyranny. As your next US Senator, I will fight the Biden Administration’s anti-gun agenda and will work hard to pass national concealed carry reciprocity

Kathy also comes with the highest of recommendations. GOA-endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Doug Mastriano, has given Kathy his official endorsement.

For all of these reasons, GOA is endorsing Kathy Barnette for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

So, in the May 17th Republican primary, please vote for GOA-endorsed Kathy Barnette and be sure to support her campaign.

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