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GOA Endorses Dave Sunday for Attorney General

Dave Sunday is the Gun Owners’ Choice Candidate for Attorney General

The 2024 PA Attorney General race is crucial for Pennsylvania gun owners who have been suffering under anti-gun administrations for six or more years, most recently with Josh Shapiro.

And if you watched the Democratic attorney general debate on TV, you know that they are drooling to implement gun control in whatever ways they can

So, the question is, “Which of the two Republican candidates will stand up for your constitutionally protected rights?”

York County District Attorney Dave Sunday and State Representative Craig Williams (R-160) will be facing off for PA’s “Top Cop” in the Republican primary on April 23rd.

Of the two Republican candidates, Dave Sunday comes out on top.

Craig Williams voted for Universal Registration Checks as a state representative in 2023. Additionally, in 2021 he voted to allow a procedural motion to go forward that would have permitted Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders to be considered on the PA House floor during the Constitutional Carry debate.

Quite frankly, Craig Williams’ voting record proves that he cannot be trusted to protect your Article 1, Section 21 rights as PA’s next attorney general.

However, Dave Sunday answered GOA’s candidate survey and I can say with confidence that he is AGAINST Universal Registration Checks and Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders.

Moreover, Dave Sunday has promised to expand concealed carry reciprocity agreements which have been on the chopping block with previous, anti-gun AGs.

Dave Sunday is also a strong supporter of PA’s firearms preemption law. Very recently, he helped stop the City of York from passing a local ordinance that would regulate firearms in the City.

For all of these reasons and after interviewing him in person, GOA is endorsing Dave Sunday for Attorney General.

So, in the April 23rd Republican primary, vote for Dave Sunday and be sure to support his campaign.

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