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Ask Senator Kim Ward to Move SB 624

Co-Sponsor List Grows But SB 624 Still Sitting in Committee

I have some very good news to report.

Senator Doug Mastriano’s Right to Bear Arms Protection Act (SB 624) now has 21 sponsors, including Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward and Senate President Pro Tempore, Jake Corman. But SB 624 is still sitting in the Senate State Government Committee chaired by Senator Dave Argall, who is also a co-sponsor on the bill.

Senator Kim Ward

In order for SB 624 to make it out of committee, Senator Kim Ward has to give a “green light” to Senator Argall to bring the bill up for a vote before it goes to the floor of the full Senate. And with the summer break upon us, we need to make a final push to get SB 624 moving in June.

Twelve states are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries, most recently Missouri. We need to make Pennsylvania #13. SB 624 will halt the enforcement of new federal gun control laws and stops Biden’s anti-gun agenda dead in its tracks.

Since you are Senator Ward’s constituent, please take action by using the form above and send her a message. First, thank her for co-sponsoring SB 624 and then urge her to work with Senator Dave Argall to coordinate a time to get SB 624 reported from committee and onto the Senate floor for a roll call vote as quickly as possible.

The above alert will only work for constituents in Senate District 39.