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Constitutional Carry Goes to House Floor

HB 659 and HB 979 Reported from House Judiciary Committee

I have some excellent news.

Both Representative Bernstine’s Constitutional Carry bill and Representative Dowling’s bill to strengthen Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption laws were reported by the House Judiciary Committee today without amendments. Both bills now go to the House floor for consideration. I would like to thank both bill sponsors along with House Judiciary Chairman, Rob Kauffman (R-89), for their strong support.

PA Capitol

The vote was 14-11 on both bills, largely along party lines. Anti-gun Republican Todd Stephens (151) voted against both bills, siding with the Democrats. This is no surprise, as Todd Stephens is the prime sponsor of Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order legislation.

Now that both of these bills are heading to the House floor, I need your help to get them scheduled for a vote and passed without gutting amendments. We need to make sure that all House members hear from their constituents that passing Constitutional Carry and making it tougher for cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to enact local gun control are a top priority.

Last session, both the House and Senate preemption bills stalled on the floor of their respective chambers and that’s not acceptable!

Another danger is that anti-gun Democrats and Republicans like Todd Stephens will likely try to “Christmas Tree” both of these bills with anti-gun amendments.

So, please take action now by filling out the form above to send a message to your state representative to pass HB 659 and HB 979 immediately without gutting amendments.