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Pass HB 55 to Amend the PA Constitution

Pass HB 55 to Stop Endless States of Emergency!

COVID-19 continues to be a spotlight for how executive power can be abused. And gun owners weren’t spared any consequences under the hand of Governor “Tyrant” Tom Wolf.

The good news is that the PA House is voting on a bill tomorrow that will rollback the Governor’s arbitrary powers.


Representative Seth Grove (R-196) is the prime sponsor for HB 55, which amends the PA Constitution to restrict the Governor’s power to declare endless states of emergency.

The Constitutional amendment would limit disaster emergency declarations to no more than 21-days unless extended by a concurrent resolution of the PA House and Senate.

It also gives the legislature authority to provide for how different types of emergencies are handled.

Anti-gun Democrats attempted to gut the bill, but those amendments were soundly defeated.

And the best news is that Governor Wolf cannot veto HB 55. Instead, it goes on the ballot for PA voters to approve the Constitutional amendment.

Never forget Governor Wolf’s arbitrary closures of gun ranges and gun stores in 2020; not to mention the disastrous effects of his “essential vs. nonessential” distinctions on the livelihoods of millions of Pennsylvanians.

So please urge your state representative to pass HB 55 to definitively check the abuse of executive power in Pennsylvania by filling out the form above.