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Current Elections

November 3, 2020 — General Election

In a General Election, voters select which candidate will win and take office. Other measures may also be on the ballot. Voters may vote for any candidate on the ballot, regardless of party.

The 2020 General Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. Mail-in and absentee ballots can be requested at any time.


Gun Owners of America has endorsed the following candidates as the Gun Owner’s Choice in the 2020 Pennsylvania General Election.

United States Congress:

Pennsylvania Senate:

Pennsylvania House of Representatives:

Candidate Surveys

If you are a candidate and would like to complete the GOA survey, please contact us.

If you are a voter, please ask your candidate to complete the GOA survey and return it to us.

Legislator/Candidate Grades

Legislative Scorecards

Please check our House and Senate legislative scorecards to see how your state representatives voted on specific gun bills.