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Pennsylvania Reloaded – Listen to the Latest Episodes

Val Finnell

Pennsylvania Reloaded is a weekly podcast brought to you by Gun Owners of America, the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Val Finnell, Pennsylvania Director for GOA. Each Friday, a new episode is released bringing you the most relevant news, information, and exclusive interviews of interest to Pennsylvania gun owners. Like everything at GOA, Pennsylvania Reloaded is geared toward energizing the grassroots across the Commonwealth to protect and advance our most sacred right, the right to keep and bear arms.

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Val goes over the GOA candidate endorsements to date and gives a brief update on what’s been happening in PA and our neighboring state of West Virginia.

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Judge Brobson for Supreme Court:

Chris Gebhard for Senate District 48:

Leslie Rossi for House District 59:

Abby Major for House District 60:

Kevin Kraus for Allegheny County Sheriff:

Brian Shank for Erie County Sheriff:

Val covers the philosophical underpinning of GOA’ efforts using the Declaration of Independence and how it shapes our “no compromise” agenda.

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Enlist in GOA’s Grassroots Army:

Val brings you the latest news regarding GOA’s bump stock case victory in the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. This is followed by a brief, legislative, SASO, and election update.

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Support GOA’s Legal Efforts:

Send a message to your PA legislators to support strengthening firearms preemption:

Interview with Jordan Vinroe, owner of JSD Supply. JSD is the Pennsylvania vendor at the center of the Polymer 80 (P80) sales controversy. Hear Jordan’s side of the story and what is planned for bringing P80 sales back to PA gun shows.

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Take Action: Send a message to your state legislators to oppose ANY bill that would prevent you from making your own firearm, whether by 3-D printing, purchasing an unfinished receiver, or buying a gun kit:

After a quick update, Val interviews the GOA-endorsed Pittsburgh Mayor Candidate, Tony Moreno. Tony is running against anti-gun incumbent Bill Peduto in the May 18th Democratic Primary. Also in the mix for the Pittsburgh Mayor race is Representative Ed Gainey (D-24). Representative Gainey is the prime sponsor of the so-called “Assault Weapons” ban in the Pennsylvania legislature. But Tony Moreno stands over and above these other anti-gun candidates. Listen to Tony’s views on your right to keep and bear arms and his other plans for the City of Pittsburgh. Be sure to follow the link in the show notes to volunteer and support Tony’s campaign.

Show Notes:

Tony Moreno’s campaign page: